Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is Replay For? Yunel Escobar Strikes Out on 4-2 Pitch

Yunel Escobar strikes out on 4-2 pitch.  That's right, the rare 4-2 pitch and that's because the umpires didn't know the count.  But it doesn't matter right because instant replay fixes everything.  Wait, what?  They reviewed the count prior to the 4-2 pitch that Escobar was called out on and still got it wrong.

Peyton Manning is Throwing Passes to Elementary Kids or is that Wes Welker?

Peyton Manning visits a Denver area elementary school for gym class.  I swore I wasn't going to mention the ankle socks, but I have to- what is up with Peyton's ankle socks?  Anyway the Broncos QB is either implementing a new off season workout or the whole recruiting processes has gone way too far.

Canadiens Sweep Lightening Gotta Believe The Mother of All Pregame Ceremonies Helped

The Montreal Canadiens wrapped up the sweep of the Tampa Bay Lightening on Tuesday night with a 4-3.  You have to believe that the pregame ceremonies the Canadiens put together sets the tone for victory.  This is why hockey is best played in Canada.

Drake Used a Lint Roller Court Side

I can't make this stuff up.  Drake was court side for game 2 of his Toronto Raptor's playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets and the lint overwhelmed him.  He breaks out a lint roller and begins to straighten his situation up, just keepin it 100, via Larry Brown Sports:

Warren Sapp Joins the I Wouldn't Draft Jadeveon Clowney Parade

I told you yesterday about Merril Hoge's insane statements regarding Jadeveon Clowney and the number pick overall.  Well now Warren Sapp has joined in on dissing Clowney, but Sapp's pick is even more nuts than Hoge's.

Sapp said he would take Teddy Bridgewater over Clowney.  Bridgewater isn't even the best quarterback in the draft class and had a horrible pro day.

John Wall Takes a Kicked Ball to the Face

John Wall may have taken a kicked ball to the face, but it's his Wizards team that is kicking the Chicago Bulls in the face.  The Wizards lead the series 2-0 as the head to Washington with a chance to close it out.

The favored Bulls lost last night's game in overtime 101-99 and will need to get some wins on the road to save their season.

Cup Check: David Price Takes a Line Drive Off Of His Cup

David Price shows everyone why you should be wearing your cup.  In the fourth inning of what turned out to be a complete game victorty, Joe Mauer hit a line drive back to Price that hit his cup.  Would have been a lot worse had he not been wearing his cup, via Fat Man Writing: