Thursday, April 17, 2014

Has Carmelo Play his Last Game as a Knick?

With the season finally over for the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony the question now is, has Carmelo played his last game as a Knick?  He finished the season in street clothes due to a tear in his shoulder that doesn't require surgery as the Knicks missed the playoffs, the first time Carmelo has missed them in his career.

Today was the exit interviews for the players and Carmelo sent a pretty clear message to thin Knicks, if they want him to stay then they need to assemble a winner, via CBS Sports:
“I want to come back,” Anthony said Thursday at the Tarrytown practice facility. “I want to come back. If me wanting to be here, if we can put ourselves in a position to compete at a high level over the course of five years, whatever that contract will be, I'm willing to stay here. I never once said I wanted to leave. I always said I want to explore options and see what's out there.”
Seems like a pretty clear indication of what it will take to keep him in New York.  With Phil Jackson at the controls will they be able to accomplish that?

It's Official: Chad Johnson to Play Football in Canada

The Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League have signed former NFL wide receiver, Chad Johnson.  The 36 year old Johnson last played in the NFL in 2012 as a member of the Miami Dolphins.  His off the field issues forced the Dolphins to cut him in August of that year.  Is T.O. to follow?

Donovan McNabb Mug Shot from January DUI Arrest Released

A mug shot of ex-Eagle, Donovan McNabb, was released today with no information as to why it was being released.  TMZ is reporting that the mug shot is from a January DUI arrest involving the FOX Sports co-host.
1:00 PM PT -- Law enforcement tells us the mug shot stems from a DUI arrest in January.

We're told McNabb hashed out a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 1 day in an Arizona jail.

One law enforcement source tell us McNabb has already served his time ... though it's unclear when that happened.
Here is the mug shot:

Jabari Parker is Going Pro

After giving Duke fans around the country some hope that he might stay by delaying his decision, Jabari Parker has decided to go pro.  Parker met with Duke's head coach Mike Krzyzewski Tuesday and had originally planned to make his announcement following that visit.

He slept on it another day and has decided to go get paid.  Although unlimited meals and snacks was probably a strong reason to stay a huge NBA salary probably was the deciding factor.  Parker wrote about his decision in an article posted at Sports Illustrated and here is how he came to choose the NBA:
Ultimately, I boiled my decision down to two simple questions:
Which environment -- college or the NBA -- offers me the best opportunity to grow as a basketball player?
Which environment -- college or the NBA -- offers me the best opportunity to grow and develop off the court? 
The answer to both questions is undeniably the NBA.
If those were the deciding factors and not the huge paycheck, then the kid made a huge mistake.  The answer to both of those questions to me is college.

Patrick Beverly's Warm Up Routine Will Piss You Off

Houston Rocket Patrick Beverly's warm up routine is amazing.  HE dribbles a basketball and catches a tennis ball at the same time, talk about hand eye coordination.  And you can't pat your head and rub your belly at the same time, via Fat Man Writing:

Sam Stouts Tries to Choke Referee After Being Knocked Out

Sam Stouts was KO'd by KJ Noons just 30 seconds into their fight at the TUF Finale last night.  It was an impressive victory for Noons.  Following the knockout and while Stouts was still clearly dazed, he put the referee in a choke hold.

Video of Model Nina Agdal Shooting Foul Shots

Now it might just be me, but I think this is what basketball should look like.  I could watch model Nina Agdal practicing her foul shots all day.  Who wants to see a bunch of sweaty overpaid men flopping all over the court?  Not this guy, if things like this exist.