Friday, October 31, 2014

Florida State Tight End Body Slams Louisville Defensive Back Following An Interception

Jameis Winston and Florida State struggled early against Louisville, but had crab legs on their side and found a way to win.  This early interception by Winston is getting a lot of attention.

The interception itself isn't it's more the tackle by FSU tight end Nick O'Leary.  It was more of a body slam than a tackle.

Whatever works.

Flyers Equipment Manager Pulls Of Prank On Team

The Philadelphia Flyers equipment manager pulled off the old snake in a cooler trick on the team.  Sure it's just a rubber king cobra, but they're one of the most terrifying rubber snakes.

I hate snakes so this prank would be the worst if it was done to me.  It would literally make me shit my pants, via Bro Bible:

Vanilla Ice Performed At Halftime Of The Timberwolves Home Opener

Check out Vanilla Ice performing at halftime of the Minnesota Timberwolves home opener.  He tore it up, if that's possible, it looks like he was enjoying himself and the fans look like they were into it too.

Maybe he's found himself a regular gig.

Russell Westbrook Has A Little Problem With Clippers Fans

Russell Westbrook exited Thursday night's game in the second quarter, with what ended up being a small fracture in his right hand.  As Westbrook was heading to the locker room the Clippers fans were able to get under his skin.

It's hard to tell from this video exactly what happened.  You can't see if anything was thrown and it's possible something said set Westbrook off.