Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Braves Fan Ejected For Heckling Bryce Harper

Heckling opposing players is one of the joys of attending a sporting event.  Otherwise I'm just a pantless guy yelling at his TV.

Last night in Atlanta, as the Nationals wrapped up the NL East, a fan was enjoying his ability to yell at players in person.  The subject of his heckling was Bryce Harper, when the umpire decided he went too far.

That's right, the home plate umpire ejected the heckling fan in the middle of Harper's at bat.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Derek Jeter Hit by a Pitch in Tampa, Benches Clear

Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch in the top of the 8th inning in a 6-1 game.  Yankees manager Joe Girardi was not happy and both benches were warned.

In the bottom of the inning Yankees pitcher David Phelps threw a pitch up and in and the benches cleared.  Tempers did eventually calm and the Yankees lost the game, their 5th loss in the last 6 games.

Brandon Marshall Isn't Happy with ESPN

ESPN ran an E60 story on Brandon Marshall and he's not happy about it.  According to Marshall, ESPN lied about how they were going to use the material they recorded.

Charles Barkley Threw Out a Turrible First Pitch in Chicago

Charles Barkley has proved, yet again, that he picked the right sport when he was younger.  While he certainly can play basketball, golf and now baseball have given him problems.

This first pitch in Chicago was turrible just like his golf swing.

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