Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bill Walton Claims To Have Milked Cows And Claims He's Been Milked

During the USC-UCLA basketball game last night Bill Walton was telling crazy stories as usual.  He somehow started talking about milking cows.

Not only did he claim to have milked cows but Walton also said that he has been milked.  I wish I was kidding.  The man says whatever is on his mind at anytime and it usually has absolutely nothing to do with basketball.

This is now my new favorite Bill Walton saying.

Who Has The Hotter Wife/Girlfriend Aaron Rodgers Or Jay Cutler?

This is a very good question and you really can't go wrong.  Well unless you're the teammate of one of these guys and you pick the other guy's chick.

That's what happened to Jay Cutler's teammate, Kyle Long.  When asked on twitter who was hotter, Culter's wife Kristin Cavallari or Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend Olivia Munn, Long picked Munn.

That didn't sit well with Cavallari and she responded to Long.

2015 MLB Predictions from Archer Avenue

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With free agency over, spring training starting, and no one having any real idea how any of the clubs will actually perform, I think it’s time to make some picks. So here they are, my 2015 MLB Way Too Early Predictions.

Ronda Rousey Threw A Guy Who Said She Couldn't Compete With A Man

This dude learned the painful lesson that Ronda Rousey can in fact compete with a man.  Not only did she throw the dude to the ground with ease she might have hurt him as well.

See guys don't mess with a MMA champion, male or female.  The answer is yes they can kick your ass.

Gus Johnson Got A Little Excited About Matt Costello's Dunk

For starters the move by Matt Costello to get to the rim was awesome.  Finishing with a dunk is just an exclamation point on the nice move.

Gus Johnson couldn't control himself after the play.  He completely lost his mind, even throwing in a little Ric Flair too.

Steph Curry Is On Another Level

Steph Curry's game had really hit new heights this season.  He managed to take his game even higher.

Curry threw up a three pointer and knew it was going in once it left his hand.  He turned and headed back down the court to play defense.

This is what next level shooting looks like.