Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mayweather Responds to 50 Cent's Reading Challenge

This is probably the most baller way anyone can respond to a challenge and it will leave your feelings a little hurt.  Only because you'd sell one of your balls for half one of these checks.  Floyd Mayweather officially responded to 50 Cent's reading challenge.

The Two New York Teams Had a Scrimmage and This Was the Best Thing About It

It was a Jets backup that stole the show and no it wasn't Michael Vick.  It was Matt Simms and he stole the show with his hilarious salsa attempt.

It was so bad the ref had to hang his head, which usually means it's internet gold.

Friday, August 22, 2014

$12,000 Dollar Middle Finger, Manziel Fined

You won't get fined in the college for being an asshole, but you will in the NFL.  Johnny Manziel just found that out first hand.  The Cleveland Browns backup QB was fined for his middle finger by the Redskins bench.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the league has decided to hand down a $12,000 dollar fine to Manziel.

So if you were confident he was going to stop being an asshole, it hasn't happened yet.  He now has more fines than regular season NFL passes.

Chris Cooley Went on First Take to Defend Redskins Name

Chris Cooley was on First Take talking about the Redskins' team name and he's gone out and done research on the topic.  Cooley's claim is that he's met with over 2,000 Native Americans and they're not offended.

Cooley obviously supports the Redskins' name and said "I support the name Redskins because I believe it's honoring what they represent."

A Young Nationals Fan With a Popcorn Bucket on His Head Gets Hit With a Foul Ball

A young Washington Nationals fan with a popcorn bucket on his head reached for a foul ball and it bounced up and hit him in the head.  He fell on the ground and looked to be pretty dazed at first, but he did get the ball after climbing back into his seat.

The ball was hit by Bryce Harper and the fan was wearing a Harper shirt, what are the odds?

Le'Veon Bell is Not Having a Good Week

Le'Veon Bell is having a bad week.  He was first pulled over and has been charged with possession of marijuana and DUI, he had to make his own way to last night's preseason game and once there he got lit up.

A hit that of course drew a flag (like everything else this preseason) and likely a fine.

Chris Rock Got a Foul Ball at a Yankees Game

Chris Rock ended up with a foul ball at a Yankees game.  He ended up with the ball after a pretty sad attempt to catch it, but he didn't hold onto it for long as he decided to hand it to a young lady.

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