Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jeter passes Yastrzemski for Seventh on the All-Time Hit List

Derek Jeter moved into number 7 on the all time hit list last night passing Carl Yastrzemski.  Jeter is still racking up the records in his final season.

Behind The Scenes of the Sunday Night Football Theme Song

NBC Sports posted a behind the scenes look at the making of the Sunday Night Football theme song and we posted it.  It has a ton of the NFLs big name stars but I posted it because Carrie Underwood!

Stephen A. Smith Ironically Suspended Longer than Ray Rice

ESPN has suspended Stephen A. Smith for a week.  Releasing an updated to a post that contains Smith's apology, via ESPN:
UPDATE – Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 4:35 p.m. ET: “ESPN announced today that Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week. He will return to ESPN next Wednesday.”
With that suspension Smith will miss five shows.  Remember Ray Rice was only suspended two games.

So a man who didn't strike a woman and leave her unconscious receives a harsher punishment for misspeaking about the incident than the man who actually struck the woman and knocked her out!

What the fuck is going on?

Ravens Fans Cheered Ray Rice at Training Camp

Ray Rice was cheered loudly at Ravens training camp because Ravens fans are stupid.  A video of the fans cheering loudly for Rice was posted on the Baltimore Ravens team website because the Ravens are stupid.

How do you cheer for a man who knocked a woman out?  Where is the outrage?  Where are the protesters?  Where are the women's groups?  When did it become okay to knock a woman unconscious?

You can see the video, that is so proudly displayed by the Ravens on their website, here.

Clayton Kershaw Threw Baseballs at Jimmy Kimmel

Clayton Kershaw was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and for some reason Kimmel wantef him to knock an apple off of his head.  So of course he had the Dodgers star pitcher throw baseballs at him.

They must have been some sort of nerf ball or something because Kershaw nailed Kimmel right in the face with one.

Melky Cabrera Hit a Homer Over the Green Monster and onto a Windshield

Melky Cabrera and his Toronto teammates beat up on the last place Red Sox last night 14-1.  Cabrera hit 2 home runs on the night and his second one cleared the Green Monster and smashed the windshield of a car.

We've seen Blue Jays hitters go deep over the Monster before, but the ball didn't do any damage to a vehicle it just hit a billboard.

Derrick Rose Looks To Be Just Fine During Team USA Practice

Derrick Rose is coming off of a couple of miserable injury plagued seasons and the Chicago Bulls guard is trying to get back to form.  If this footage from Team USA practice is any indication, it looks like D Rose is well on his way.

A lot of stars have backed out of competing with Team USA for fear of injury, but not D Rose who has something to prove.