Saturday, April 25, 2015

End The NBA Playoffs Right Now, LeBron Is Making Full Court Shots Now

LeBron James made a full court shot at the Cavs practice.  When you see how he just grabbed a basketball and threw it the length of the court you'll agree with me, end the playoffs and just give the Cavs the championship.

How in the world do you stop this?

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Rangers Are Trying To Trade For Josh Hamilton

Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton is at odds with his current team and hasn't played this season as he rehabs his shoulder.  One of his former teams, the Rangers, is reportedly interested in bringing him back.

It's been a rough off season for the former MVP.

In addition to being at odds with the Angels, Hamilton admitted to MLB earlier this year that he suffered a relapse of drugs and alcohol.  He also filed for divorce.

Stephen A. Smith Had A Problem With Tom Brady Skipping The Patriots White House Visit

Stephen A. Smith had a problem with Tom Brady skipping the Patriots White House visit.  He suggested the issue wasn't that Brady had something else to do, as Brady said, but the fact that Barack Obama is the President.

I'm not sure if he was saying Brady is a republican or a racist.  I'm sure Brady isn't the first guy to skip the White House visit after a Super Bowl victory and I'm sure he won't be the last guy.

ESPN really needa to take a long look at Stephen A.

Tony Romo Predicted A Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Win

Tony Romo gave a speech somewhere because they gave him a lifetime achievement award.  I guess playing football is worthy of a lifetime achievement award now.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback took the opportunity to predict a Cowboys Super Bowl victory.  Probably not the smartest move.  Because bloggers like me will burn him down if they don't win it.

This Hannah Davis And Her Horse Behind The Scenes Video Just Made My Day

Beautiful and funny?  Is there a better combination?  I highly doubt it.

Hannah Davis and her horse are taking over my TV and my internet.  I'm not complaining at all.  Brilliant move DirecTV.

This behind the scenes look at Hannah and her horse is a little funny, but more importantly features Hannah in a bikini, via Terez Owens: