Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fan Fell From The Upper Deck At Turner Field And Later Died

A fan at the Yankees-Braves game in Atlanta fell from the upper deck during the 7th inning.  The scene at Turner Field was chaotic after the fan fell and the TV broadcast was aware that he fell because it happened right in front of the radio booths.

The fan was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  What a crazy accident.  Alcohol is rumored to have been involved.

There were some disturbing pictures posted on Twitter see them after the jump.

Odell Beckham Put The Hit Stick On Darrelle Revis

Odell Beckham Jr. ran right over Darrelle Revis during the Jets-Giants preseason game.  Revis is still a good cover corner, he's not known for his ability to tackle.

It's still fun to watch a defensive back get trucked by a receiver.  And hey he didn't let Beckham get any farther with the ball.

So despite getting run over he did make the play.

John Harbaugh And Jay Gruden Get Into It During The Ravens-Redskins Preseason Game

During their preseaon game the Ravens and Redskins got into a little shoving match in front of the Redskins sideline.  No big surprise Steve Smith was in the middle of it.

What wasn't expected was Ravens head coach John Harbaugh yelling at Redskins head coach Jay Gruden after he ran across the field to get his players to return to their sideline.

And here we are thinking preseason games don't matter.

Pete Rose Spotted Betting On Sports At The Mandalay Bay

Terez Owens posted some pictures that are said to be Pete Rose at the Mandalay Bay sports book.  While the pictures do look a lot like Rose, none of the pictures show the MLB hits leader's face.

The pictures couldn't come out at a worse time for Rose as MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, announced yesterday that he would be making a decision on Ross's request for reinstatement.

I think it's a shame that the league's hits leader isn't in the Hall of Fame.  He clearly had a career worthy of the honor.  But on the other hand he broke one of the big rules and bet on games while a player/manager.

I still lean towards the fact that he didn't bet against his team and his on the field play wasn't affected by his play.  He played hard and clearly had a Hall of Fame career.

High School Receiver DJ Turner Suffered A Gruesome Ankle Injury

4 star receiver DJ Turner of DeMatha Catholic high school is a Maryland suffered a serious ankle injury Saturday morning.  The senior, Maryland commit, had a defender fall on the back of his lower leg after he made a catch on a deep pass down the sidelines.

After the defender fell on his leg Turner took another step and then dropped.  Once he was on the ground it was clear that he suffered a serious ankle injury.

Let's hope the kid can make a full recovery.